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The Correct Use of Christian Porn
The primary purpose of Christian pornography is to allow married Christian couples to better celebrate their
sexuality in order to become more intimate with each other and enjoy a closer walk with the Lord. We envision
married couples watching these films or videos together, using them to initiate a frank and open dialogue about
sexuality and their own sexual relationship, and then applying the techniques illustrated in the films and incorporating
them into their own lovemaking. Watching Christian porn is not intended to replace sex in the marriage, nor is its
purpose simply to arouse the sexual appetites of the husband and wife, but to encourage them to use their sexual
drives to a higher purpose.

The point of Christian pornography is not to provide material for the fantasies of individuals to use for their own
gratification or to fuel masturbation. Although masturbation in itself is not wrong, the highest purpose of Christian
porn is to enrich the sexual relationship between believers. It is not primarily intended to be used by individuals to
inflame their own desires or as a substitute for a relationship. Under some circumstances, an individual might be
justified in viewing this material on his or her own. For example, if the purpose of viewing the pornography is
ultimately in the service of the marriage, if a man wanted to become better instructed in how to please his wife orally,
or if a wife needed help getting in touch with her sexuality in order to be more open to intimacy with her husband.

Likewise, a single person might find Christian porn instructional if it better prepares them for relating to their future
spouse. One of the complaints against conventional pornography is that it creates unrealistic expectations about sex
and warps the viewer’s attitudes towards sexuality and the opposite sex. This argument could not be made against
Christian porn, because it presents a healthy and realistic representation of married Christian sexual life, and is
modeling correct and respectful husband-wife relationships, creating a positive vision for what can be expected in a
future marriage.
Christian Porn Favorites
"The Body of Chris" (2006) -- Starring newcomer Chris Varney and his well-sculpted body. He and Mrs. Varney, a petite
beauty, love each other on two beaches and in a pool.
"Round Yon Virgin" (2006) -- The raven-haired Louisa Flagler and her well-endowed new husband consummate their
marriage in a Jacuzzi, losing their virginity together.
"Rod Is the Answer" (2005) --  Christian Porn ironman Rod Parker's most memorable film. Known for their marathon
sessions, the Parkers perform in the shower, the kitchen, the garage, and practically every room in the house. Follow-up to the
break-through "In Rod We Trust" (2005).
"Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful" (2004) -- Californians Jodi and Michael Connor follow Sunday service with a love-making
session, inspired by their reverend's words regarding the value of human touch.
"Lazarus Rises" (2004) -- New Jersey's Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Brooks depict marriage during Biblical times. Wardrobe and
locations are impressively authentic.
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Support Christian Porn
Welcome to the home of the Christian Porn movement. Our mission is to clean up that which is currently known as "pornographic"
videos, movies, or films. All filmed sexual acts in the Christian Porn genre are genuine intentions to create life, performed by
heterosexual married Christian couples. As acts of procreation they are not immoral, illicit, or dirty, but expressions of love between
husband and wife, who are
in love with each other exclusively. None of the acts are unnatural or adulterous. We feel the viewing of an
expression of love shared by a married man and woman is one of the most beautiful and natural gifts bestowed to us by God. Praise
God, brothers and sisters.
Let's purify pornography in our lifetime
Filmed procreation. Porn the way God intended.
Is it acceptable for Christians to view adult entertainment? Our stance on pornography is directly informed by our position on
sex and sexuality with regards to Christianity. Depending on the circumstances, the act of intercourse can be either a defilement
of the body and soul through lust and indulgence of the senses, or it can be a celebration of God-given sexuality that uplifts the
bodies and spirits of both partners. Likewise, pornography could either be degrading and sinful (as it almost always is), or it
could depict acts that, when viewed appropriately, could enhance the sexual and sensual relationships of believers.
                             Erotica with Biblical Foundations
Consider the Song of Solomon, a deeply sensual and erotic book of the Bible, which describes in lyrical detail the
sexual and romantic relationship between a bride and bridegroom. Their dialogue relates to spiritual matters, but
relates spirituality through a loving physical relationship between husband and wife. This is the model of erotic
“edutainment” that we are promoting. We believe that under the right circumstances, and given the correct content,
such adult media has the potential to enrich the sexual lives of married Christian partners.
Of course, there is little, if any adult entertainment currently on the market that reflects these values and would be a good choice
for Christians. That lead to a new kind of porn – porn that upholds the Christian ethos. Christ-centered porn, made to be viewed by
Christians and tailored to their unique needs. We challenge all Christians in the adult industry (yes, they do exist – and you know
who you are) to step up and truly walk their walk and live their faith by producing more pornography that men and women of
God can view without compromising their relationship with their Savior, or their relationship with their spouse.
Christians have so many questions about sexuality: what is acceptable or not, how to express sexual desires to their husband or wife, how to
have a more fulfilling sex life, and much more. Unfortunately, few in the church are willing to talk openly and in detail about these
matters. Most sexual guides for Christians are vague or coy, glossing over graphic details. Believers need sexual resources that are unafraid to
actually demonstrate and show them what healthy sexuality in a Christian marriage looks like. For these reasons, we believe there is both a
need and a demand for Christian adult entertainment, and so we began this manifesto calling for a new paradigm in pornography nearly
four years ago.
The Christian Porn Framework
Only married couples engaging in sexual acts. All sexual partners in a Christian porn production are
husband and wife, both on and off screen. All actors are married in real life and portray married couples
on-screen. The depiction is their having sex with only their wedded spouses.

All sex is portrayed within the context of a Christian marriage. It is apparent through the actions,
behaviors, and speech of the characters portrayed that they are Christian, lead a Christian lifestyle, and
have a marriage in which their faith is central. This is depicted in a variety of ways, with scenes showing a
couple praying together, studying the Bible, attending church or church functions, and generally relating to
one another as loving Christian spouses outside of the bedroom.

It is instructional. Part of the mission of Christian pornography is to graphically educate married
believers in how to achieve more sexual pleasure, intimacy, and closeness in their relationships. Various
sexual techniques and positions are dramatized so that couples can learn how to incorporate them into their
lovemaking routines. In their on-screen roles, the actors model both correct sexual techniques and
appropriate sexual attitudes, by being respectful and treating one another’s bodies as the sacred gift from
God that they are.

Both husband and wife receive their due benevolence. This is in keeping with the scriptural mandate of
I Corinthians 7:3, which says
“Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the
wife unto the husband.”
This means that both sex partners are shown getting equal pleasure and sexual
attention from one another.

No extramarital sex, unless it illustrates the downfalls of adultery. The spouses in a Christian porn
production never have adulterous relations, unless they (and their partner in extramarital crime) suffer and
are punished fittingly for their sins. (In deference to modern conventions, the punishment is not always
mandated by scripture, i.e., being stoned to death.)

They are uplifting and inspirational, focusing on strengthening Christian marriage and Christian
Christian porn has an overall positive message. Of course, its primary message is to demonstrate the
sacred use of sexuality and sensuality to reinforce the bonds of Christian marriage. But in all other respects,
it affirms Christian values of community, family, faith, honesty, and charity. It shows that having a joyous
and fulfilling married sex life is one of the fruits of following the path of righteousness.

No profanity. Although exclamations of pleasure are acceptable, as are the natural sounds and
vocalizations of lovemaking, Christian porn contains no profanity or swearing. The participants address
each other lovingly and respectfully at all times. Of course, it goes without saying that the actors do not take
the Lord’s name in vain, nor that of his Son.
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